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I Remember What I Was Doing.

I remember what I was doing.  It is kind of weird to look at it that way because you always see that in movies; “Do you remember what you were doing when JFK was killed?” And, “Do you remember what you were doing when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed?”  Those questions never really made sense until nine years ago.  Yeah, I remember what I was doing.

I was out running.  Finishing up a run actually.  Walking back to my house drenched in sweat from an early morning desert run in Yuma.  It was a feeling I learned to love.  It was like any other desert morning.  Hot and still with the only humidity in the air coming from the sprinklers struggling to return life to the summer’s dead grass.  Walking to my front door it was like any other day… to me.

Taking my sweated through shirt off as I walked in the door and down the hallway I heard my neighbor Dustin yelling for me as he rushed the door behind me. 

“PJ! PJ! Turn on the news!  We are being attacked!  Turn on the news!  They are calling you get your phone!”

I could not have timed it worse.  I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center.  The phone rang.  Still dripping in sweat, in shock I flipped the phone open not saying a word. 

“Doc, we need you on the rifle.  Doc.  We need you on the rifle.  You there doc?”  It was my C.O.

“Yeah, there in five.” And I hung up.

My wife and kids had made their way downstairs.  She was standing there staring.  Her eyes wide and unblinking.  Her eyes went from the TV to me, down to the dropped phone and for the first time she understood what my job was.  The entire day was spent watching the horror over and over.

Arriving to work I made a bee line for the C.O.’s office.  A senior Marine of 30 years of service, he had seen everything there was to see and taught me everything he could; accept how to deal with the unfolding events the morning of September 11th.  He appeared to be as dumbfounded as I felt.  Together we entered the Command Center watching the tragedy and listening to an ill prepared U.S. military deal with an attack on freedom.  Finally our unit alert code came in and I was there to hear it.  Orders that would change my life.  We had trained to them, but had never been called to them. 

“Doc, is there anything you will not do for America?” he asked.

“You know me; I am down for whatever Skipper.”  And I left.

It would be that whatever that would be repeatedly called upon over the next deployment that I would answer to without question and with the commitment I made to defend America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.  One man with one rifle one man at a time.

Nine years later we listened to not a memorial, but a plea for tolerance of Islam and its followers.  The massive loss of life secondary to the need to place religious tolerance above it.  Islam is not the enemy; Al Qaeda is we were told.  This is true and the need for tolerance of all world religions is clearly an issue.  At the same time, the understanding of Islam is of equal importance.

Once upon a time in the Middle East, the first monotheistic religion was born; Zoroastrianism.  It is the religion that gave birth to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  However, when you research Zoroastrianism today it is defined as an Indian religion despite its true origins as the first Middle Eastern monotheistic religion it actually is.  A true religion of tolerance allowed itself to be hunted down by a religion of intolerance.  Islam killed off the living Zoroastrians in the Middle East; literally.  The only surviving Zoroastrians fled to Indian where they were no longer hunted by Islam and allowed to practice their religion of peace and tolerance while trying to rebuild the world’s religious format in which the majority of the world now follows.  Islam has turned and destroyed the religion that allowed its very existence to such a degree that is no longer even classified as the religion it is.

It is not that Muslims are bad, it is the design of the religion itself that dictates the religion be spread to establish it as the only world religion and when it is resisted that it be spread through means of oppression and force.  Religions are free to coexist with Islam, but only if they pay the jizya; a tax to Islam while it accepts Islam as the dominate religion. 

We plea for tolerance of Islam while we appeal to Muslim moderate who believes in peace and tolerance in a similar manner to the Christian while not acknowledging the design of the religion itself that will not yield to such sensibilities.  This organized minority of Muslims will persist and follow Islam as it naturally spreads throughout the world.  A small foothold in new culture is shortly followed by Muslim violence by this minority while the moderate Muslims shy away from controlling their own. 

As Islam spreads it uses the liberal mindset against the host government.  We see the articles stemming from England where an account of a hotel owner is jailed for speaking in favor of Jesus in a conversation with a Muslim patron.  The accusation was of oppression while the right to free speech is censored by a government so tolerant it cannot see where tolerance will eventually lead to the fall of the government itself.

Here in America we see similar articles where a Christian preacher is escorted off a public corner for reading the Bible aloud.  He is escorted past an anti-American Muslim screaming “Down with America!  All praise Allah!”  This in the same city where politician support a Mosque once named Cordoba in symbolism to Muslim victory over the infidel. 

We fail in America to understand the basics of sustainability as a people.  Simply put, our societal birthrate is too low to sustain a people and only begins to even out when those in America illegally are counted in means that contribute to American birthrates of 2.2%.  This while Islam grows on American soil at a growth rate of 25%.  You do the math, but trust me it does not add up in long term success for America. 

So, in the name of tolerance we defend Islam without qualifying the nature and means of the religion itself.  We denounce the violent side of the religion while passively relying on the moderate follower who has demonstrated he will not attempt to stop violence spewing from his own religion.

From not being a “Christian nation” to being referred to as “one of the world’s largest Muslim nations” we have to understand what is happening.  If Israel declared itself not a Jewish nation while politically calling for unconditional tolerance of Islam the world would be less 48% of the world’s Jewish population.  In their intolerance is their survival.  Judaism has long since been targeted by Islam.  Little is know about the Muslim roll in the attempted annihilation of the European Jew in events leading to World War II. 

When the Muslim is not at war with another, he is at war with his own religious divisions.  Islam only stops fighting with its own when they untie to fight against another.  Because the violence stemming from Islam seldom reaches American shores does not mean it nonexistent or  a threat.  While it is true that the average Muslim is peace loving and tolerant does not mean the religion is.  We appeal to what defies religious order when it comes to Islam in hopes the violence that manifests itself within the religion will forsake us.  It will not and as Islam grows in America it will be followed by violence on the soil of this nation.  Islam will penetrate our liberal sensibilities and establish a political foothold as we denounce freedom of speech in defense of tolerance and lose grip of our own nation out of political correctness.  The religion will grow more aggressive and in our lack of courage we will succumb to the design of a religion that was born with intentions to consume the world. Everywhere there has been tolerance of Islam; Islam has conquered.  We fail to see and understand this.

Again, it is not the Muslim is bad; it is that Islam is not designed to coexist with other religions.  It is designed to conquer them politically, or by force.

Yeah, I remember what I was doing on September 11th quite well, but more importantly I understood exactly what was happening and what is was leading to.