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Marine Mystery Country - South Coast of England
Whitecliff Bay Isle of Wight

Shaking the grime and noise of London from my system, after the London Book Fair, I took off for a couple of days walking on the beautiful Isle of Wight on the South Coast of England. It also gave me the opportunity to think through the plot for the new Inspector Horton Marine Mystery, which I've just started.

Three of my crime and thriller novels feature the Isle of Wight. In For The Kill, the fast-paced thriller starring Alex Albury, is set there; The Suffocating Sea, an Inspector Andy Horton Marine Mystery ends there, and Blood Upon The Sand, another Horton crime novel, which I've just finished writing, is also set there.

This photograph is of Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight. There are more on my blog at  http://www.paulinerowsonmarinemysteries.blogspot.com/ and on my web site at http://www.rowmark.co.uk
If you get the chance, the Isle of Wight is well worth a visit.  It has some stunning scenery and is great walking country.