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The fourth DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery crime novel
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The third DI Andy Horton Marien Mystery crime novel

I received the large print edition of The Suffocating Sea, the third in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels last week, and it looks good.  This will now be on sale on line or to order through bookshops, and also available on loan through libraries.  In addition, The Suffocating Sea is available as a talking book, which can be bought as a download or in cassette and CD format, or on loan through the library service. Of course, it is also available in paperback and hardback.

The reviews are back on Amazon.co.uk along with the ratings, (they disappeared for a while because of a technical glitch).  Not all reviews are good, that is to be expected, what one person thinks a killer read another considers 'tripe'.  My murder mystery novels have been classed as police procedurals, although I like to think of them as detective novels.  They are not for the lovers of hard boiled crime fiction, the gruesome kind but more of a light entertaining read, although having said that some readers have described them as complex.  Anyway, whatever, I am glad that Amazon has sorted out their technical glitch.

It’s the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, and this year I won’t be going, although my novels are on the Frankfurt Book Fair web site with details of the rights available.  It looks as though it might be a lively book fair in terms of protests. At least five groups, including Tibetan activists, have registered with the city to carry out protests. Let’s hope everything goes off peacefully!

I am looking forward to the London Book Fair though in April 2010, which I will be attending.  I know it seems a long way off, but the time flies past.  By then I’ll have a new Andy Horton published called Blood on the Sand.  Can’t wait to see the cover design.

Back to this week though, and on Thursday I’m giving a talk and book signing at the 60+ festival being held in Portsmouth, UK.  I will be at Portsmouth Central Library on 15 October at 2.30pm.

Apart from that it’s on with the writing.  Andy Horton number six is coming along nicely.