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In the Red Room: Welcome Message from Paul A. Toth

A general hello to everyone in Red Room. As a brief introduction, I currently live in Sarasota, Florida, though not exactly by choice. In the near future, my project is to promote my next novel, Airplane Novel, which with half-joking arrogance I call "the only 9/11 novel worth reading." It's my best novel, having taken me to the limits. It will take readers to the limits of 9/11, as re-imagined via the novel's unique narrator: The South Tower.  I've posted the preview trailer in the Red Room. For more info about Airplane Novel, see www.airplanenovel.com. Release Date: On or about July 15, 2011.

 In the meantime, there's much more information to be found in my profile. I welcome conversations and anything anyone may wish to communicate. I'm as open a book as Airplane Novel.