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Henry Miller is a famous author. Check. But is he famous for the right reasons? Uncheck. Miller is one of America's greatest literary offspring, and to prove it, he lived much of his life beyond American borders. Famous more for the sexuality of his books than the quality of writing that infuses...
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Asleep is a better writer than Awake. Now, before you sleep tonight, remember 9/11. See how hazy that memory bank has become, foggy as a board meeting circa 1955. It's time to turn that memory inside out.
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Paul A. Toth's Airplane Novel
At long last, the only 9/11 novel worth reading arrives. You can order Airplane Novel now. Critical Response A Midwest Book Review "Reviewer's Choice" Toth is a unique, gifted stylist whose prose is at times sharp, unpredictable, humorous, and always engaging. There have been a lot of...
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A general hello to everyone in Red Room. As a brief introduction, I currently live in Sarasota, Florida, though not exactly by choice. In the near future, my project is to promote my next novel, Airplane Novel, which with half-joking arrogance I call "the only 9/11 novel worth reading."...
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