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Welcome to My Red Room Blog

As a long-time blogger who believes part of the blogging process involves reaching new audiences, I'll be using my Red Room blog as another conduit for the pieces I routinely publish on my Building Creative Bridges blog (http://buildingcreativebridges.wordpress.com). Those pieces tend to be centered on training, technology, innovation, creativity, and how they affect all of us; I also occasionally focus specifically on creativity and the writing process itself.

When posting those "reprints," I'll include a line at the end of the articles showing the original publication site, and I'll also occasionally add original content here on topics that are more appropriate for Red Room readers than for those already following Building Creative Bridges.

To move this Red Room blog along, I'll post several recent pieces from Building Creative Bridges, and will add new content as I complete it.

Looking forward to learning from you as we exchange thoughts via Red Room.