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The Samson Option

I have displayed the picture of a Palestinian mother caught in this recent ghastly Gazan nightmare in a place I must look at it every day. She is hovering over her blood soaked son and while her eyes are hidden, the boy stares up at her from a morgue-like slab. I don’t know if death has already visited the child but his eyes are still open. If he is still alive it is a look of numbness, emptiness and shock. It is a horrific image but I should never be allowed to avert my eyes from it until I have lived the rest of my life trying to destroy Zionism.

Both anti-Semitism and Zionism are the bitter fruits of capitalism. The imperatives of that economic system forced the Jewish people to endure the pogroms and the Holocaust. Meanwhile Zionists, propelled by the same economic dynamic, have since executed their own crimes against humanity. 62-years-ago, an unconscionable attack on the King David Hotel killed Britons, Arabs and Jews. Later would come Sabra and Shatila and now the Zionists are demonstrating in Gaza that Germany’s National Socialists had nothing on them for cold-blooded brutality and the capacity for murder on a massive scale.

Capitalism created the idea of Zionism in its relentless drive to divide and more fully exploit the working people of the world. For the historic moment of capitalism’s rise to planetary dominance Zionism has effectively built a figurative and literal wall between Jewish workers and their non-Jewish brothers and sisters. In the US it has made a distant memory of Jewish leadership of immigrant workers of every stripe in pitched battles on the streets of American cities to form and build the garment and furriers unions. It has squashed the great Civil Rights Era coalition consecrated by the blood of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman. It has made unity with anyone but the US ruling class all but impossible. Zionism has performed as designed and isolated Jewish workers around the world in a “new Warsaw ghetto” called Israel.

The state that Zionism created has begun sensing its mortality and is thrashing around accordingly. The clearly deranged attack on Gazans, the recent ravings of Israeli intellectual Benny Morris, and the rise of Avigdor Lieberman can now be added to mounting evidence that the guardians of the state are in the grip of panic. It recalls the 2006 attacks on Lebanon and Gaza and the resultant killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructure, the kidnapping of Hamas legislators, the targeting of a U.N. observer post, and the outrage on Qana. Each a desperate act farther outside the bounds of common sense than the one before.

Unfortunately, the panic that clearly grips Israel means they will likely join in U.S. attacks on Damascus and Tehran and resort to the use of the “Samson Option”, their nuclear arsenal, when all else fails. And that, on a larger scale, is the dilemma that the whole world faces as the capitalist system spearheaded by the United States begins experiencing the pangs of its death throes.