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Published by First Intensity 18 (2003): 242-243
In most regions of North America, and definitely in the Midwest, there is a stately beauty to winter.  This imperious charm is evident in the crunch and crystaline sparkle of snow...
Edge and Fold:  Two Poems
Published by The Feminist Review
Paul Hoover, author of Edge and Fold, amazes his readers with postmodern poetry.  His newest work is a compilation separated into two poems:  "Edge and Fold" and "...
Edge and Fold:  Two Poems
Published by The Great American Pinup.
The title of Paul Hoover’s Edge and Fold suggests that the lines of poetry that run through the book approach the limit of the page (the edge) or are cut off in mid-utterance by a...
Poems in Spanish
Published by Stride Magazine
Poems in Spanish is haunted by a ghostly presence throughout, whether it be of the poet's dead father or a kind of landscape of the mind, which is also, one feels, an external...
Poems in Spanish
Published by Pleiades 27.2 (2007): 211-215
The title of Paul Hoover's ninth collection of poetry is misleading.  Poems in Spanish is not, in fact, written in Spanish.  Instead, Hoover presents a variety of styles and modes...