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Short Story
Have a seat. Right over there, next to the bookcase. Don't mind the cat, she'll move. Yeah, see, there she goes. Smoke? No, no, of course not. I never figured you for a smoker. You don't have that look about you. You're looking good, by the way. Thank you for stopping by, I'm sure you're very busy. Heck, who isn't? Life can do that, get all tangled up in our...
Short Story
The wind was cold and filled with what might have been rain, before the vicious wind got a hold of it. Now it came in through Harmon's driver's side window. The window had fallen off the track some time ago and he kept meaning to put it aright. But for now it was held a little more than half way up with chunks of wood. The rain - or ice, whatever - and the wind...