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My sweet son, came across your rap

Boy, you're talented, you big old sap.

So much feeling, so much insight

Try to hold onto your God-given light.


There's pain in life...you've had your share

But God has a purpose... if you dare.

Take responsibility and be all you can

Don't drown in life... give it a hand.


You hate to hear, "Did you take your pills?"

Would you rather keep taking those same old spills?

You have the strength and courage too

To replace your worn out walking shoes.


You can turn you head and look away

Or ask for help as you kneel and pray.                   

God never lets go, He just steps back...

Waits for your call... your willingness to act.


Earth is the setting for your play to be told

You are the star of the show that unfolds.

Gifted with free will, it can go any way 

God's love shines through when it goes astray.


The lights go out... the curtain goes up

You take in Act 1... drink from your cup.

Watching, you note... that dude has no clue

Then you realize... he's just a mirror of you.


You want to get up... break loose from the chains

Your gut screams out to rewrite this refrain.

Tangled in knots you try to break free

Clouded by smoke... you fight to see.


Let go of the past, get out of your head

Direct your heart toward goodness instead.

It takes real guts to turn your life around

Choose the battle... stay your ground.


Life sucks at times, your mama does know

Lived a long time... the wrinkles do show.

Never give up when faced with the blows

Pick yourself up... and only God knows.


Challenges are part of life, don't you see

They're the grit behind who you can be.

The road you take is for you to decide

Move ahead... or refuse the ride.


You can live in darkness or count your blessings

You'll get your share of each without asking.

Open your eyes... there's beauty to be found

Embrace it all... don't fool around.


Your light and love are the gifts of your heart

Focus on that truth and you'll live your part.

Begin today and make a solemn vow...

To do your best, then take a bow.