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Bullseye - Or Not

I've been looking for a new job since I lost my job nearly four months ago. I've looked high and low, near and far, and in every category I could think of. 

This week, I was rejected by a major retailer. You know, the one with the bullseye logo.

I'm not taking it personally, of course. They probably had hundreds of applicants for every job available. But I had 7 years of retail experience, and they wouldn't even bring me in for an interview.  Their curt, short note simply said, "We are unable to offer you a job." 

It's a shame, too. I'm focused, I'm organized and I was willing to work for a lot less than my last job paid me. The employees that the store has now often seem unfocused, and their work is done without any sense of urgency or care. Perhaps having a work ethic is a liability in certain sectors. 

After applying to over 300 jobs, I fear I'm caught in a no-mans land that seems virtually impossible to break out of. I'm way too experienced and overqualified for anyone to hire me for a retail job. But few mid-level jobs are open right now, and most of the positions available on job boards are all high-level, senior career, six-figure jobs for which I am clearly not qualified.

One option that I thought was impossible to imagine before - simply giving up my search completely - is now a scary possibility.  

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Patrick, you can tell them what to do with their bullseye...

all I can tell you is breathe. And remember these lyrics:

Don’t give up the ship
Even when you feel it’s sinking
And you don’t know what to do
Don’t give up your dream
Even though you may be thinking
It never will come true
Life has it’s own ideas of how things come about
And if you just hang in there, life is gonna work it out

Help is on the way
From places you don’t know about today
From friends you may not have met
Believe me when I say
I know
Help is on the way

Jennfier Gibbons, Red Room

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Okay usually the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, but don't give up. I was in your position, and it has been 6 months since I worked. But I managed to find a job and I start in April.
Best thing to do? Do all those things you wanted to do. Okay admittedly not smart to do if they cost a lot of money but there has to be friends you wanted to visit and things in your life that have been long neglected.
Be strong. I know it is easier said than done but it is the only way to get through it. Who knows maybe instead of finding a job you can create a job? I hope things work out and I hope you keep us updated on the search.

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Are you good at computers?

I liked Joshua's idea of your creating a job yourself to hold you over until a better one comes along.

I recently heard a man-in-the-know say recently how many small businesses (bed and breakfasts, etc) lack computer expertise. If you have good computer knowledge, could you hire out your services by going to those who need them? Get your friends to recommend you and try to create a buzz about your services. You can get free business cards for postage and handling from Vista on your computer.

In the meantime, keep applying for those jobs that you feel you could do well with. Some smart person will finally recognize your worth to them. Don't give up. If you do create a small business or service of your own, you will meet more people--and it is usually through acquaintances that jobs are found.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Jennifer - thanks for the boost!

Sue and Joshua - I have thought about working on my own; my partner's suggesting the same thing. I'm just wary of being my own boss - I don't need handholding, but I like a little structure. And I worry about how to handle self-employment in terms of taxes. 

But I've thought about starting a consulting business to market my specialties - correspondence and writing.