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Dorothy Does It All By Herself

Hey Chloe, I am like so mad at that mean old Miss Gulch. I mean like Toto bit her. Okay. But it was like an accident! And now she is telling all kinds of stupid stuff to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry and getting me into all kinds of trouble. Even those stupid farm dudes, Hickory, Hunk and Zeke, believe her! I mean, gross. They are so gross. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Film that witch on her broomstick hahaha and then post the video on You Tube. Get her! Colin knows how to film stuff like that and then put it up so everyone can see how mean she is. Hey! Maybe like Toto can bite her again and then we can film that and then show the film and then like disappear and all the cops and stuff will be looking for us! And then we can like say um like we were in some weird place and there was this big storm or a tornado or something and like we were surrounded by like fairies or hey! a nice witch who says like did you kill that awful witch who gives all witches a bad name? And we can say well we like got her to maybe have rabies but we’re running now cause she is after us. So this good witch like shows us around the place and introduces us to people that maybe can help us? Like TV people or something like that. And then like we try and try and try to get home but Miss Gulch finds us like out in a field or a forest or the mall or someplace and tries to KILL US! but she’s not like Miss Gulch anymore. She’s like a real witch! and we run to some old guy’s house and he’s got this weird place and maybe like Johnny Depp could play him if some makeup people can make him look all creepy and old and he helps us get home and maybe HE kills off the bad witch and then he falls in love with the pretty nice witch (well, maybe not) and then Hey! We could meet some weird guys along the way and they could try to help us but they are just like totally weird and creepy and we really have to leave them behind, okay? When we come home, I mean. Toto just keeps barking and barking at them and dogs know like a lot like deep inside them. Hahaha! So we get home by like somehow – maybe in a plane or a balloon or something and poor Auntie Em has been crying and Uncle Henry forgives me and those stupid gross farmhands actually own up to being wrong For Once In Their Lives and we all live happily ever after. BECAUSE! Those TV people we met like on the road or something – they think the story is so cool they want to put us on TV and maybe do a reality show and film the whole thing like all over again! You don’t have to do it if you really don’t want to cause I know how like private you are. I can like do it All By Myself! Hahaha! So like let me know, okay? Dorothy xoxox

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Johnny Depp as the Wizard

This is the coolest idea in the world. You should send it to Hollywood.

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Thanks, Carol, appreciate

Thanks, Carol, appreciate your kind words!  I think Depp can do anything so maybe . . . !

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This is so awesome! Did you know me and Dorothy are totes FB friends?

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Thanks, Huntington!  I did

Thanks, Huntington!  I did not know that about you on FB but will check it out!

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I love it. A very unusual but interesting spin on the way this was written.

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Thanks, Kimberly!  I had

Thanks, Kimberly!  I had fun writing it -- used to live in the Valley so the language is in my head!