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BitchBuzz Preview: Harlot’s Sauce by Patricia Volonakis Davis
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Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein

"This is more than a book about a broken marriage, although many will find themselves relating to it on that level. At its core, it is about a woman discovering the best and worst of her trusting yet headstrong character, and using a major episode in her life to, in a very real sense, find herself. We use that phrase often but never is more clearly defined than in the final chapters of Harlot’s Sauce..."

..."Stereotypes exist for a reason, and even when all the exceptions are taken into account, a grain of truth remains. The important thing is to recognise this and criticise only what hurts others, and not what is merely unfamiliar, and Volonakis Davis does this with admirable emotional clarity.

To cap it all, Volonakis Davis either has an insanely good memory for conversational detail or is capable of creating very witty, human, readable dialogue from the dregs of recollection. Her tongue is often firmly wedged in her cheek as she leads the reader deftly from a self-deprecating observation to the confession of an intimate detail and round again. Her passions – teaching, raising children, loving, eating, enjoying beautiful scenery – are evident without any repetition or cliché. Most of all, her unflinching honesty about both herself and others is what holds all the elements of food, family, love, loss and Greece together..."

Harlot's Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss, and Greece