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Love Story: Bridgette and Joe

What makes Bridgette and Joe's love story unique is that it prominently features "another woman" -- Bridgette's best friend, Brandy. But before you think, "uh-oh," it's important to note that Brandy is Joe's sister.

"I met Brandy when we were both in seventh grade," says Bridgette, "and we became best friends pretty quickly. I spent so much time at her house that I actually started calling her parents, 'Mom' and 'Dad,' because that's what I heard so often coming from Brandy and her brother."

Ah, yes -- the brother. Brandy's brother, Joe, was a year older and "annoying," says Bridgette. "I didn't find out till much later that the reason he behaved that way was because he had a crush on me since way back when."

But Bridgette and Joe didn't start dating until 2007, after he returned from serving in Iraq. Up until then they both had had their share of relationships with others. However, it wasn't long after they started dating that Brandy decided she'd better start calling his parents by their first names, something she hadn't done in more than 10 years. She explains why, "I liked him so much that I didn't want it to look like I was overly anxious for us to get married."

Photo by Rob Wilkinson

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