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Voodoo Dolls

When I was in New Orleans, I bought a voodoo doll for a friend.  Voodoo is popular in New Orleans, along with fortune telling.  West African captives brought the practice to Louisiana when it was a French colony.  Their culture was based on spirits and revering their ancestors.  They were experts on poisons, herbs, and charms and used them to protect themselves or harm others.  Voodoo got a bad reputation when the movie White Zombie came out in 1932.  It became associated with evil, when historically voodoo could be used for good or evil. According to the instructions on the doll, you put a picture of the person you want to "put a spell on" on the face of the doll and you stick pins into it, depending on your intentions.  Yellow pins for success, red pins for power, blue pins for love, etc. The dolls in the shop are not officially  sanctioned by a voodoo practitioner.  "So how do they work?" I asked.  "You just have to believe," he said.  "They only work if you believe."  Isn't that  true for so many things in life.