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The Power of Water

After the Christmas holiday and the mountains of food that accompany it, I find myself thinking of  exercise.  I feel a bit like a blob, which happens when I am too sedentary.  I could walk, nice but not vigorous enough.  Run, can't do that anymore. Pump iron at the gym, too boring.  So once again I will head for the swimming pool, my, pardon the pun, oasis.  By swimming I can satisfy many needs:  vigorous exercising, check, being outdoors, check, allowing time for my mind to wander wherever with no chance of being interrupted, check, meditating on my past and future, as well as the glorious present, check.  So I trot over to the sparkling, blue pool, brace myself for the  first tingling sensation from the cold water, and then I dive under.  I glide through the water like a graceful seal for what seems like a very long time, until I have to surface for air.  Aah!  Yes!  Water.  After a half hour I exit the pool, refreshed, reinvigorated, renewed, and re-energized.  Nothing makes me feel so alive, so aware, so quickly.  The everlasting power of water.