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Psychics: Do You Want to Know Your Future?

During my last visit to New Orleans,directly across from our hotel, was a tea shop with a big blue chipped tea cup sign, which announced that they sold tea.  The shop was called “Bottom of the Tea Cup.”  Much more interesting to me was the small print at the bottom of the tea cup.  “Psychic Readings Available.”  I knew immediately that I would take advantage of this opportunity.  I mean, it was right there in front of me!  I admit that I have always wanted to visit a psychic.  Who doesn’t want to know what lies ahead on her path of life?  Good fortune (hopefully) or bad?  But if there really are authentic psychics I think they would be here in New Orleans, a city with a history of voodoo and witchcraft.  Sure they have psychics in Orange County where I live, but there’s a big difference in the atmosphere and expectations.  Would you rather visit a psychic in a slick brick building in a strip mall in Newport Beach or one in a shadowy, musty, battered shop called the “Bottom of the Tea Cup?” Here was my chance.  I walked in and after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw walls of fortune telling paraphernalia: Tarot cards, crystals, fortune telling books, charms, and of course, lots of tea, tea cups, and tea pots.  I was unexpectedly nervous, not having done this before.  What if I didn’t like what I heard? 


I slowly walked up to the counter and asked the smiling lady behind the counter how much a reading cost.  She had on jeans and a plain white shirt, like any sales lady in a Target store.  No hat, no cape, no dangling gold earrings.  “Was she the psychic?”  I wondered.   “Did she know what I was thinking?”
She was very straightforward, “It’s thirty dollars for ten minutes and sixty dollars for thirty minutes.”
 “Do they read tea leaves or palms?  Do they use Tarot cards?”
“They will use whatever you like, depending on the time limit of course.”


I made an appointment for a ten minute reading the next morning at 10AM, the hour they opened.  I was excited.  This was my chance to find out all kinds of information.  My husband was skeptical, but he’s used to my spontaneous ideas and just shrugged his shoulders.  I started thinking about all the questions I could ask:    “Would I live a long life?  Where would I be in five years?  Would my children be happy and successful?  Would I live happily ever after?” 


The next morning when I walked into the Bottom of the Tea Cup, I asked if I could switch my reading from ten minutes to thirty.  Why not?  I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well do it wholeheartedly.  She said that was fine and I paid my sixty dollars.  Then out walked Otis, my psychic.  He introduced himself and explained that he would tape the whole session on a CD that I could take with me.  He had a marvelous Louisiana accent, bright clothes, and a gold earring in his ear.  At least he looked like my image of a psychic.  He sat behind a desk and I was seated on the other side.  There was a crystal ball on the right side of the desk, but he never touched it or mentioned it.  I guess psychics don’t use those anymore.  He asked for my hand and while looking at my palm said, “You will live a long life.  You’re a very old soul. ”So far so good.


He shuffled a deck of Tarot cards and asked me to separate them into three stacks.  Then he looked at the image on the first card of each stack and interpreted each.  Mostly he talked about success and happiness.  He told me about my life, my husband’s, my children’s and step-children’s.  Not everything he told me was positive, but most of it was.  Is he a true psychic or a charlatan?  Only time will tell.  But I did appreciate his closing comment, “You will live a long life and live happily ever after.”