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Stealing Away My Heart
Autobiography –abuse recovery. Written with raw self-honesty, it is the story about my efforts to break free from verbal, emotional and physical abuse. A must read!

There he is, only a few hours old, stealing away my heart. He does it quietly with soft grunts and squeaks –and quick little breaths inside his warm blanket, making my cradling arms simultaneously weak and as strong as iron. Welcome tiny grandson!

Your mama is radiant, your dad casual in his pride, your big little brother hesitant yet loving. Auntie, Uncle, three cousins, and Opi –all crowd in to get a glimpse of our newest family member. Amazement, joy, curiosity prevails. Who will this little person be? We love you fiercely, watching the nurse draw blood from your miniature heel, hearing you cry at the obligatory assault. Ten of us present and we cannot prevent this aggression upon your innocence!

Achilles, at least, was a full grown warrior suited in armor.

Five days later as you concentrate on resting while mama and daddy go out for lunch and big little brother naps in his bed, I hold you on my chest and try to angle my iPhone camera to catch your comeliness. I quickly send the results to your parents with the message, “Still sleeping.”

These early moments are important. You will remember them, not in mental pictures but in your very cells as you go from newborn to baby to toddler. As a cherished, treasured and loved little person, you will grow to respect, value and validate those around you. And in the process you will delight us, amuse us, challenge us to be better people ourselves.

Your big little brother will lead the way. In his 3+ years he has already blossomed into a gracious little gentleman. Ever concerned for others, cheerful and affectionate, he no doubt will not only be a loyal protector, he will become your best friend.