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My short play, “Though They May be Parted,” will be featured in Summer Shorts, Friday and Saturday, June 19 and 20 at 8PM, at Broadway West Theatre, 4000-B Bay Street, Fremont. “Though They May Be Parted” is a dark comedy about three grown siblings who clash at a funeral home during a viewing of...
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It’s nearly Christmas Eve, and Harriet, the Wilder family matriarch, seems to have acquired an imaginary friend. Her daughters Joy and Jessie are flummoxed. Is "Annabelle" a symptom of mental illness --- or a real person with sinister motives? Everyone has something to hide in DRIVEN: a...
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Dad sits staring at his plate this Thanksgiving Day, a stubborn tightness showing around his mouth. I can't believe my father won’t eat. Here is a man who came home every evening from work and cut himself a seven-ounce slab of Safeway-brand cheddar cheese -- the cheap kind, where the second...
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