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Cass Lake
Married to film/audio producer, Milt Lee
Mar 2011

Patricia "Jamie" Lee traveled extensively within tribal America during the nineties with her husband, Milt Lee.  Together they have produced over 60 documentary radio programs on Indian people. A visionary thinker and writer, Lee is the author of several books including Washaka—the Bear Dreamer and the nonfiction book The Lonely Place, Re-Visioning Adolescence and the Rite of PassageWashaka was a finalist in the PEN USA awards for Children’s Literature.  


Jamie has a passionate interest in the way human bodies become human beings and has a MA in Human Development.  She has taught professional and personal development workshops for over 30 years.  Her short stories and essays have appeared in The South Dakota Review, Bellowing Ark Magazine, Winds of Change Magazine, The South Dakota Magazine and others with several stories selected for anthologies including one published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson entitled Native Voices.  Jamie grew up in northern Minnesota and she and her husband have recently moved back and are building a straw bale house. 


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Since 1977 I have had a garden every summer.  The past two years my husband and I have learned a lot about natural construction by building our own straw bale house.  A lot of work--but wonderful.  I also love writing, reading, and working with others to craft the life they want.