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Today's astrology: Who are your allies
TeamWork by Budzlife via Flickr

Monday August 19,2013: You might find yourself in a serious mood this morning but take heart because it won't be long before your day will be buzzing right along. Expect your eyes to once again focus on the future as you begin to be flooded with unusual and innovative ideas.

Take time today to acknowledge the allies who helped you get to where you are and to ask yourself: "Who are my allies?" But think in broad strokes. Your allies are not family, not your close intimate friends and they are not emotionally supportive. As a matter of fact might not even like each other... but in some way your interests overlap, you have a common cause or purpose.  We sometimes mistakenly call these individuals our friends but they are really associates, individuals we interact with as part of a group, team or network. These are our allies and their importance to our future  should never be discounted.

Today's Quote

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. John Donne

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TeamWork by Budzlife via Flickr