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Today's astrology: Same same but different
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Thursday April 25, 2013: Time to clear away the debris. Early this morning the Moon left "let's be nice" Libra and entered "let's get real" Scorpio, setting the stage for an illusion shattering Full Moon Eclipse at 3:57 pm EDT.

A Full Moon eclipse is like a super charged Full Moon, except that during an eclipse the Earth's shadow darkens the Moon and allows you to be more objective. And as this Scorpio Full Moon shatters illusions, the debris it leaves in its wake could be frustrating to clear away, because you'll very likely faced with obstacles, roadblocks and delays that must be overcome.

What could this mean for you?

The events that accompany eclipses are very often etched on your heart and in your soul. So, while you are undoubtedly not the same, and conditions in your life and in the world around you are not the same, it's often easy to discern a recurring motif in the events that happen in conjunction with an eclipse. So with that in mind take a look back to years when other eclipses fell on this same place.

Think back to April 1986 and April 2005. What happened in your life during these years? Do you recognize any common threads that link them in any way? This eclipse offers you the chance to clear up lingering problems and sort out something that may still be unresolved

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Today's Quote:

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Often attributed to Mark Twain

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