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Prepare for some 'aha' moments
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Monday December 9, 2013: Prepare for some "aha" moments that can change your perspective in small or large ways and be especially open to insights and ideas that seem to come from nowhere.

You're optimistic and for the next few days you'll be able to channel all sorts of innovative solutions. So let your imagination run wild... the possibilities are endless. Think outside the box, know your limitations, stretch beyond them and be open to new possibilities.

Maturity and experience gifted you with some needed momentum... but now it seems as though you're stopped at a cross road and unable to decide which way to turn. So... If you're torn between a few uneasy options and answers are not apparent, perhaps it's time to sit, wait, listen and contemplate.

Look back to what was happening in your life in mid July and consider how those events relate to now. Then look forward and let inspiration emerge.

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“I call it an Aha! moment. It is the moment when I can hear, when I know, that an answer is being offered to me. All other sounds measurably fade, including the banter in my brain. It is when the answer travels from my heart to my head and says, “This is so.” No questions follow, no objections interrupt; just the recognition that I must listen and follow.” ~ Sharon E. RaineyMaking a Pearl from the Grit of Life

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