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Astrology today: The sentimental journey continues

Saturday, March 2, 2013: There's some residual "do something constructive" energy left from yesterday, but today your attention will be drawn more toward the necessity of clearing out and making space.

We all have a closet or drawer or some other place where we shove things that we just can't seem to part with, things we thought we might use one day or sentimental treasures. But whichever, these are things that we've not used, looked at or even thought about in months, or perhaps even years.

Old clothes are shoved to the back of closets, old books, newspapers, magazines and such accumulate everywhere, once these things lose their value to you, it's time for them to go. It's OK to be sentimental and hold onto those things that will always have special meaning, but find a special place for those special treasures. Purging renews your spirit, lightens your load and is a liberating experience.

Today you'll have the energy, the emotional control and the inner harmony to be able to separate the things that no longer serve your life from those things that lift you up and give your life meaning.

Today's Quote:

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey,
Gonna set my heart at ease. 
Gonna make a Sentimental Journey,
to renew old memories.

Sentimental Journey
lyrics by Bud Green, Les Brown and Ben Homer

Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:

  • Moon Sesquisquare Mars: Pushing forward of necessity
  • Moon Sextile Pluto: Clearing out and making changes
  • Moon Conjunct Saturn: Emotional integrity
  • Moon Trine Sun: Inner harmony
  • Moon Trine Mercury: Sentimentality

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