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currently residing in Prague.
Yes.. thank you! Married for 8 glorious years to the love of my life, Kevin Wayne.
May 2009

Greetings, fellow wafarers and may you find respite here in the realm of The Dark Lady...

Author of poetry and fiction, "Madeline" based on the original characters of E.A. Poe's Fall of the House of Usher garnered the top prize of the 2008 Paul Hughes Writing Contest and my new work

Il Acquirente (The Acquirers) achieved finalist status in the same competition in '09 with only its first three chapters.

In the Poetic Realm, my book "Mourning Has Broken" an anthology of prose and poetry that honors my son, Edward Louis, who was killed in a car accident in 2007 has just become available. It is a book that I hope will heal and help many who like me, have had to say goodbye too soon.

Otherwise, you can find me at home in Prague with my husband, Kevin and daughter Rebekah and our two precocious cats: Comet and Caolin. OR

at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where I am working towards the PhD in English (wayyyy out there in the distant future!)


The classics, always the classics!
Greatly influenced by the expressed emotions in poetry by Gibran
the beautiful worlds created by Anne Rice
and by
English Professors through the years that believed in me more than I believed in myself!

Upcoming Works

Completion of "Mourning Has Broken" Summer, 2009...publication pending...
Completion of "Il Acquirente" Fall, 2009
Completion of "Madeline--The Usher Legacy" Winter, 2009

"Quoth the Raven--the Sad Tale of Lenore" in 2010


Unagented, acquiring

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Twin Sisters Publishing, Oklahoma

Interests & Hobbies

Writing (obviously), Reading, Incessantly watching movies, Deaf culture and language, Renaissance and Medieval Faires and lifestyle.