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Morning Haiku

Words drift to and fro

through the windows of my mind

Ancient tides breathing.

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Morning Haiku

I like the ancient tides breathing.

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I like the ancient tides breathing also. I can hear that, in the sound of the waves as they roll too and from, often lulling me to sleep. Now i have an explanation of what the sound it. It's the ancient tieds breathing.



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Thanks Susan and Carol, I'm breathing, the writing is flowing. How old is ancient? I cannot calculate.

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terrified writer becoming visible

Hi, Patresa. Interesting name. Your self-description reminds me of a self-portrait (think klutsy amateur) where I was swathed in a brown cloak. Just a hint, above the neckline of the cloak, you could see a very colorful garment underneath. I knew who I was, but was afraid--terrified--to let anyone know.

Love your photo. I'm in CA, too, but near LA.

Best of luck

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What are you wearing now?

Hi Dolores, Thanks for your comment.  Judging from the books you've written I'm guessing that brown cloak is long gone. It's funny that the day before I read your comment I almost changed my self description. It doesn't fit as well these days.

Blessings to you.