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Living Story


Even while we wrote about Story for PragMagic, we were living it for our newsletter, The Jamais Vu Papers.

Updating material from Brain/Mind Bulletin for PragMagic put us in touch with fascinating people. We began to contact some of them along with friends about appearing in the newsletter. Issue by issue, we learned how to incorporate the interviews we did into our story. (More about that on the newsletter blog.) Soon, the story began turning around the interviews. We were learning about story as a living experience and we’ve been thinking about it ever since.

What is Story?

What is a story? What effect does Story have on those who tell and those who listen?

What is Story to you? What is it, what does it mean to tell one, what effect does it have in the world? How much of life, of the world, is story, and nothing else besides? We welcome your comments here and at http://playsonideas.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/living-story/