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Message of Gratitude for Red Room

A message of thanks for all my friends and supporters on Red Room.

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Thanks to the Red Room

Thanks to the Red Room community!

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Dear Pat

i am grateful to have met you through Red Room, and to have you as family. I was touched by everything you said, but when you described your visualisation for your surgery, i inhaled with a short sharp breath of wonder and joy. may the gentle hand of Buddha bring you comfort, may our hearts hold you with love, may I be the candle lighting the way through the darkness. many many thanks for your gift of gratitude. best wishes to Sean and all your family.

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You are one very special lady, Pat,

who gives out generous inspiration even at such a time as this. Thank you. I endorse all you say about Redroom and it is a privilege to be here.

I lit a candle for you last Friday as you prepare for surgery and will continue...

And not to forget your all-important carer...

God Bless both.

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Pat, I just viewed your

Pat, I just viewed your video now and am incredibly moved that you and Sean would choose to spend some of your last pre-surgery moments putting together this video of gratitude for us.

Coincidentally, I was lighting a candle earlier today for you. It wasn't a vanilla-scented one because it was located in a church. But I hope it sent out the light and the goodwill that you just sent us. It all reinforces my belief in karma.

Hope you have come out of surgery by now and that it all went your way. Will light another candle for you tonight. I brought it back with me from Notre Dame in Paris, so it ought to have a little je ne sais quoi about it. Good luck to both of you.


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With gratitude to the Red Room and You

Pat, I am deeply touched with your gratitude video. You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day long. That's how much a part of The Red Room you are to all of us here, too. We are truly looking forward to hearing from you, but until then, know that we are with you in our hearts waiting for You:-)

Love and Blessings,

Catherine Nagle

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"A Chance Meeting"

Pat: I've known of you since my early days in the Bay Area, and I knew you were a member of Red Room, but our meeting here was quite "by chance." It reminds me of THREE STRANGERS, a little film written on the sly by John Huston. All the imagery seems just right.

I trust that you are well into your recovery, and that you will soon be knocking out new work here and elsewhere.

Macresarf1 -- Glenn Anders -- Alex Fraser

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hi patsy

                                                                                           It is great to see you   laughing over there with Sean. We want you to be like this for rest of your life, laughing, living life with full of zest. I went to Tirupati temple of Ahmedabad last night with my family to pray for your health. We spent one hour there and offered 'hundi' [ donation] for the temple for your fast recovery. I am happy that you have Sean with you to help in all manners. Wish you all the best for your health pat,and we will really miss you for some days.

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Angel of Gratitude

Thank you Pat for this heartfelt and inspired sharing. The following is both an expression of my own gratitude and a kind of prayer for your healing and ongoing well-being. I'm sharing it here because I wrote when "the right group" made me feel exactly what you have expressed.


Each, shaped from a heart
divine—such is the nature
of your humble wings.

Love, Mercy, and Grace,
sisters all, attend your wounds
of silence and hope.

You are the good twin
and the bad. Not arrogant,
but jubilant…sweet…

With grief or without,
your flight commands awareness
of joy beyond pain.

Holy starbright of
endless heavens, for these tears—
truly—I thank you.

Founder of Creative Thinkers International
author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again