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    Sister, Dear Sister, Come Help me DieA few days ago I received a phone call that Charles, my older brother, was in a Houston, Texas hospital and not expected to live. At his bedside, though he wasn’t fully aware, I told him family stories and massaged his head and held his hands and told him I...
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My son Sean Wilsey gives his book State by State to President-elect, Barack Obama
    Did you go all out to get Barack Obama elected president the way I did? Did you encounter racial prejudice the way I did?      I was so encouraged by the ideas Barack Obama put forth and the change his policies represented, that I couldn’t do enough to help get him elected. I was happy to put...
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From scorched Earth to Light
For years, like you I’ll bet, I’ve received e-mail messages with profound sayings, inspiring pictures, heartrending stories of crippled children rising up and walking because of these inspiring messages. At the end of these missives I was instructed to send whatever it was, back to the sender as...
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A book signing, 2008
Like most writers would be, I was thrilled to get a call from a New York Times reporter asking to interview me about my book Whispers From God. The first words out of her mouth, however, made me think I should drop the phone and run. “I’m starting with a tough question,” she said. I steeled myself...
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Dinner with Russian friends in Moscow, 2005.
Today, November 26, 2008, Zhanna Tebieva a Russian friend arrived at my Beverly Hills home after making a fifteen-hour journey from Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia. As I write this Zhanna is cooking borscht. The aroma is drifting down the stairs to my office in spirals of sense memory, causing me to...
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Sunday supper at my southern california home. Pictured: Steve Martin. Judy Miranda, Mike White, Sammy Wesson
GratitudeMy former beau didn’t arrive for Sunday supper until other guests were saying good night, but, like acknowledgments made at school reunions for the one traveling furthest, he was flying in from New York, so was excused. I was a bit nervous over the prospect of seeing him after ten years,...
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2008? How can that be? It seems such a short time ago that I was a kid living in Oklahoma with my preacher dad and mother and eight siblings. But on December 26, 2007 I had my…WELL…79th birthday! It does not seem possible that next Christmas I will be 80! And I feel so young still, in spite of a...
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Dinner in Moscow
My first Sunday night supper of the New Year was a “Happy New You” event. Feeling exhausted from holiday parties, shopping, guests, entertaining, turkey, eggnog, and Santa Claus, I wanted renewal, and to be surrounded by friends I didn't need to amuse. That's why I invited the Secret Seven,...
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Peace Club
Since my inaugural peacemaking trip to the former Soviet Union in 1982 – during which a delegation of children I assembled became the first children to be officially received in the Kremlin and address high-ranking officials there during the Cold War – I have spent my life in a very special kind of...
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