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Mel and I during our Shinto Ceremony in Japan
  “Patsy, you could fall in a sewer and come out wearing a new hat. You are just plain lucky”, friends say. What some might call luck, I call a positive attitude and a slightly off-kilter sense of humor. If I fall into a sewer, and I have, I make quite a splash. But then I take a shower, think...
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Betty Davis
Whooping Cough!“I have to hang up,” I said to my friend Susan, “I’m coughing too much to talk,” I banged down the phone. “Cough, cough, cough.” I was sweating, gagging, miserable, exhausted. “Cough, cough, ahhhh, cough!” I swallowed a tablespoon of tussinex cough syrup, my second dose of the...
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Buddha's finger broken by fall of chandelier
               I’ve been working to rid myself of attachment to material things for a very long time and thought I had been successful. It’s been years since I just “had to have” much of anything except food. Especially peanut butter and I’ve even beaten that one now. After gaining more weight...
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A BIG HOORAY to George Clooney who organized the Hope For Haiti fundraiser Friday night. Not only was it for an important cause to aid the devastated earthquake survivors, but it was massively entertaining, as well. And salutes to Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, CNN's Anderson Cooper,...
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My mother was 85 when this photo was taken in her house in Modesto. Sean was 3 and I was 43.
When I was five my mother said she was going to teach me to memorize poetry, edifying poetry as it turned out, poems with a moral message. My mother, Mama, was a stern taskmaster and I was afraid that she would be mean to me. However, I soon realized that not only did I like poetry, but I enjoyed...
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 I think my year-old granddaughter will be better at using computer than my cat. At least she’s practicing.
                        I can never seem to time my blogs to Huntington's challenge. I intended to write about my international work with children, which isn't really work, it's my passion, my reason for being, my Calling. I intended to write about a contest we are working on to get kids on...
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I thought I was grown at sixteen!
Dreams of Growing up          My mother gasped and collapsed on our living room sofa clutching her chest. “My heart, my heart,” she complained, her voice breathy. I had just told her that I wanted to go to Dallas, Texas, two hundred miles from my home in Waurika, Oklahoma, to work during the summer...
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Happy New Year, 1962
                                    ‘nother New Year   When a friend called and asked me what I was doing on New Year’s Eve, I was startled. I hadn’t realized the year was almost gone. Oh, I knew the end was near or, if not, I was planning to divorce 2009. But on its deathbed, no, I was...
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 Farewell  The welcome sun had just set when I lit small white candles floating in a crystal bowl alongside delicate pink camellias. The candle glow cast warm shadows on a table in my glass-roofed solarium, where I could gaze up at the stars.  Covered by a white linen cloth once belonging to my...
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Lordy! There were missteps galore with my first book How To Be A Party Girl, beginning with the title. Misstep? No, it was more like Bigfoot throwing a bolder from the top of the Empire State building and hitting me directly  in the chest.  Frank Taylor and Sam Stewart at McGraw Hill loved the...
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Dreams and Nightmares Rereading the supportive and poetic messages you sent before my heart surgery, I suddenly realized how much I’ve missed you. I truly have. It’s astonishing how close I feel to you. Our connection via Red Room, gave me the courage to keep smiling as I envisioned light from the...
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Makeup helps a lot!
I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack! I feel like I have been on an alien planet, and perhaps I have, where blackness defined the hours of life during surgery. I’m home now and RECOVERING, which my doctors say will take about three months. My blood flow went from the “size of a pea” to “the size of a quarter”!  My...
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Pat's son, Sean, here.  My mom wanted me to let you all know that she is doing really well.  The surgery was a great success.  She was up and walking around the ICU the next day, and then she was moved to the regular recovery wing, where she's been walking, eating, and breathing with increasing...
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This image of The Buddha’s hand I attached to a large antique Buddha I have in my home. In the hand is a rock given to me by a child in an Ethiopian famine camp after I gave him a shirt. The synchronicity of the rock, the child and the Buddha across time and space is a mystical story and one I...
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Come smell the flowers
Have you ever wanted to cry until no tears were left? That’s how I’m feeling. The reality of facing major heart surgery on Monday and not having anyone to hold me while I sob is sobering. I’m the kind of person who does it, if it has to be done, whatever it is, without complaint. I shut off my...
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