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Mike White, now on the Amazing Race with his dad, Mel White, is in the chapter titled A Trip In The Dark.
MIke White and Steve Martin along with others are guests for a dinner in my home, 2008.

“Mom,” Sean said in a phone call three weeks ago, “Mike White and his dad will be on The Amazing Race next Sunday! Be sure to watch.”
 “Mike and Mel White?”
 “That’s right, farther and son.”
“I’ll watch every episode.” I said. “I love that show, and I love Mike and Mel, too.”

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Hang on.
I met Mel in the 80’s when he worked on a TV project for Children As The Peacemakers Foundation. Although he lived in LA and I lived in San Francisco, he spent a lot of time in my bailiwick. At that time Mel was in demand as a ghost-writer for evangelical pastors such as Jerry Fallwell. I asked how he could write books expressing such harsh views? Well, he said, I’m religious, too, that’s one reason it’s painful to be getting a divorce. I was drawn to Mel by his quirky sense of humor and his romantic side. And he was romantic. Which is why it was such a shock when at a café one day, Mel said he had something to tell me. “I’m gay,” he said. Well, I nearly fell off my chair. How could I ever have guessed that this man with whom I had been intimate, was gay? I swallowed the lump in my throat, and said something inane, but I was in a daze. Earlier, before the bomb of his news, Mel had suggested that his son Mike would be an asset on my next peace trip. I thought so too and arranged for Mike to accompany me and fourteen other kids, along with a documentary crew from a CBS, on a frigid train trip across the frozen fields of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and, eventually, to Moscow.
I have touching video of eleven-year-old Mike being blessed by Pope John Paul II in the Vatican, making friends with a girl in Poland, dancing at a New Years Eve party in a cavernous building in Romania, and speaking out to Moscow’s power elite within Kremlin walls.
Mike is now an accomplished actor, writer, and filmmaker with dozens of credits to his name, such as The School of Rock, Chuck and Buck, The good Girl, and on and on.
The synchronicity? When Sean’s bestselling book Oh The Glory Of It All was published, Mike bought the film rights and is writing the script.
And Mel? Mel and his partner, Gary Nixon, founded Soulforce, a social justice and civil rights organization that resists the religious and political oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people through dialogue and creative forms of nonviolent direct action and is based on the principles of relentless nonviolent resistance as taught and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Life is, indeed, an amazing Race.

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Martin luther king 3rd came

Martin luther king 3rd came to my city last week at Mahatma Gandhi Ashram. My apartment is at six k.m distance form this Ashram in Ahmedabad.I visited that day and met him.In this picture I am familier with steve martin and is a fan of him along with my daughter,Amoli.We liked his film 'father of the bride' and 'pink panther'. I knew very little of Mike and Met and their present activity until i read this post.
Pat i want to give you interesting information about Indian gay's religious community. In India as per Hindu mythology they are considered sons of one goddess called 'Maa Bahuchar' means mother who has many characteristic. If gay male turns himself in to a devotee of that goddess, every body respects him and provide him food, money, cloths etc on festivals or whenever he asks for it. Nobody dares to make them unhappy by any means.They clothed themselves in feminine pattern.
lesbianism are remotely thinked or discussed here.But i know they both are in large numbers here.Prince of one of the old state of Gujarat has recently declared him gay, and people take it very lightly.
Pat, I proudly say to my friends that, i know a author and celebrity named Pat Montandon who had 'Steve Martin' as a guest at her dining table and they look at me bewilderingly as if i have told them that i went to moon last Sunday for a picnic.

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Hearing from you is increasing my knowledge of India and Indian culture, plus it great to have you reading and responding to my blogs. I looked up Ahmedabad and learned that it is a bustling city of over four million and a major hub for many things, textiles, technology, and so forth. As I've said before I been to India on peace trips with kids several times and traveled there independently, as well.  We had a lovely meeting with PM Indria Gandhi shortly before she was assasinated and on a later trip met with her son Rajiv Gandhi. I have lovely video of those meetings.  Did I tell you that I spent a week in Sai Baba's Ashram in Puttaparti? It was an unparrelled experience. What is Mahatama Gandhi's Ashram like?

My daughter-in-law, Daphne Beal, also a writer, lived in India for several years and speaks Hindi (I believe it is). Daphne interviewed Arundhati Roy the writer and peace activist, for Vogue Magazine, a few years ago. And...can you believe this?...when Daphne was eight and a half months pregnant she and Sean and their three year old son, went to Bombay to attend a wedding! Such a long hard trip for a near-term mother. But they were fine.

Your information about how gay people are treated in India is very interesting.  Gays deserve  equallity. I can never understand why some think they know better than anyone else what's right about nature and what's wrong, and therefore a "sin".  It's like berating an oak tree for not being an elm.

 I'm not famous, Jitu, but I do know those who are. In the long run it's how we live our lives that counts not fame, which like everything else, is fleeting.