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I don't like to bring grown men to tears, not the least of which because it usually gets me verklempt. "It has grieved me greatly," he said with just the barest hint of Southern drawl, "to think I might have hurt you in some way..." "Oh," I protested, "please...
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Silent Sorority
It was mid-afternoon in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when the email arrived. Three loads of laundry had been folded and tucked back into their rightful place. The kitchen floor glistened, still fresh from a serious mopping with Murphy's Oil Soap. Digital images stored in my computer held joy...
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I punched my pillow, rolled over and sighed.  It wasn't yet light out but my mind was acting like it was noon, awake and hungry.  It wasn't going to let me get back to sleep no matter how hard I worked at trying to get comfortable in bed. I surrendered and reached for my robe.  There were thoughts...
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Life is a feeling experience. That’s what my husband heard as a boy from his Uncle John. My better half gently repeats that sage sentiment to me when I am feeling life just a bit too much. On the days when my heart isn't overwhelmed with conflicting emotions , my mind picks up the slack. I’m...
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As I walked in the woods Thanksgiving morning a kaleidoscope of memories filled my head. The childhood visits to grandmother's house. The carefree trek to pre-Katrina New Orleans. The cross-crountry trips to celebrate with my parents. The year that I had to withdraw my offer to host a full-blown...
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I woke up this morning with a very cold nose. That's because our furnace has been switched off during this part of a remodel. The kind-sized bed where I lay hidden under the covers was recently wedged into the guest room, which was once in my hopeful baby days designated to be the nursery. It's now...
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It took a 2,400 mile trip back home this weekend, sitting in the bedroom where I once spun hopeful, cotton candy plans for my future, to make me see that I have spent the better part of my adulthood chasing a dream that was never meant be. It hasn't been easy this past year or so to recognize that...
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Now I'm usually not one to get worked up about being disrespected and all that, but damn there are moments. I've made a living in two predominantly testosterone-driven industries: the auto industry and the tech industry. I know what it feels like to be in the minority -- both as an English major...
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