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You made Me Love You

You Made Me Love You


When I look at you I see me in everyway

Having my reflection in your eyes identity love

A true love needed on board for nothing else will do

Thus forever Is a long time Darling I know that love is true

You Beloved I respect and you respect me too

Openly cheering me on as I cast my eyes upon you

Under the auspice of family

Due to make my days more pleasant and keep a smile on my face

I only know light love and joy hides within our smiles

Darling one plus one makes two

Then I begin again to remember who?

Oh, I feel a peace inside for a new day awaits

Makes a day of deep anticipation

And there is no ice between us and this was no twist of fate

Know I wish nothing to spoil this moment

Easter could be every day… said the bunny to the hen

My bold moves to catch this early bird who catch the worm

Elated but you reeled me in like a moth to the flame

Laced with charm patience quite the gentleman

Outlandish dashing cat dressed in a shark suit a duckling

Vocalized the dance Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

Every way I see forever I hear you loud and clear

You listen to my womanhood and labor a man who take time to care

Omnipotent blessings now and forever you made me love you

Universal soul mates strengthen each other by growing and showing


Dedicated to my true soul mate-PD