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When M y Love Calls

When love calls nothing can hold one back
Not a mother all women know that
We find no fault upon his sweet lips
Instead we caress his sweet face
Glance at his lips

When love calls there is a yearning inside
A torch to the soul with nothing to hide
Loves laughter captivate out hearts desire
We shoot for the moon and want with desire

When love calls do I care who knows
Do I care what is seen for my darling knows?
I sit at his feet with no disgrace there
I’d wash his feet with my tears
Dry them with my hair

When love calls there is no duty
To be by his side is absolute beauty
The smile on his face makes me twist all inside
Swallow my youth and be grown up inside

When love calls I ride the rhythm of the wave
I take my intoxication from love’s fascination
We dance tango soul mates doing the flamingo
We lock lips sink ships with loose dips
But never unlocked lips

When my love calls he hangs up the phone
Never say a word just want to hear me breath on the phone
Love makes one satisfied wit h all that is with life
When my love call I will be by his side

I hear love calling me...