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True Love

I love you like green jasper

Under ocean water

Showing all the shades of green

Crystal as the air we breathe

When we are next to each other

I fall into your loving eyes

That gazes into mine

And I am all yours

Your's inside and out

As your fingers dance across my soul

Like "Copololo" plays his flute

Wanting you feeling you

As Michael Angelo prayed to Heaven

Hoping to see Heaven's beauty

Until he cut off his ear to hear

Oh, to gaze upon such beauty

Venus a love so deep

Conditional paradox unconditional love

Rest upon my heart like Bixbite

Red Beryl

A rhapsody of joy falls from lips

Like precious pearls as I smile

But when love is not near me

I feel far away and beside myself

Mind creating monsters

To help release the pain

Draining my body locking it

Into a deep dark catacomb

Sealed alone empty and cumbersome

One stroke of your love

Time patience and lonliness

All fades away

New grass springs forth on a dry desert

The sunny days we often knew