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The Hierophant Warrior of Love and Light





I am the truth seeker love pleaser for the light of Divine


I hear the word and I thrive by the number five

I love fiercely and fight fiercely in the army of the universe

Light being Ascended masters being

We are here and there in all parallel Universes

I come unrehearsed and let the Heaven’s bellow out

I am that I am…sent me like my family before me

I am not ego for ego cannot co-exist dispel

The lie upon lips

Message we all have a call service to one

Service to all

We are in times of sorrow

Illusion can freeze you are give you courage

For there is a brighter tomorrow

Unleash the chains upon humanities brain

There is so much love in the world although it seems insane

You are here for elevation and growth

In principle we started as one nation

Light shines to clear unstable situations

Take faith as your partner of heart

The opportunity is here to be part of a new start

Leave all that is not of need in service

Let us move forward with strength and courage

Am I my brother’s and sister’s keeper?

Sleepers awaken so you will not be forsaken

Lies wove into humiliation

Take no refuge into what people could be thinking

The power is of divine principality

True love is a reality

So march with the elect for it is a strong non penetrating army

The physical flesh nothing but a test

To attempt the final sting of death is impossible

For the S upon the chest is a spiritual quest

It would free the soul back into its natural essence

More powerful more familiar more strong more love

To rain upon the earth from Heaven above

Move forward with courage and conviction

True loved has called all of our positions on this mission

Written by Pamela Moorehead MscD

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost