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Sweet Dreams

I stepped into the sun

I’m not the only one

He reached over to feel the warmth of the sun on my face

As I placed my hand on my hip and he whispered in my ear

And wiped the sweat off the top of my lip

I began to walk with a strut and wondered if,

The love in my dream of sweet sugar land would recognize

My sway of my butt for him but in my gut this seemed a little naughty

But for my age I’m still seen as little haughty

Learning as good as I am with my noble male lion

Lion growls can only tell

I speak to him like a Jedi

Not a mind trick only the Jesuit not Jezebel

My skin with gold flakes excite the son that the sun bakes

Blazing my lover’s heart like the Nile River from the start

As his legs shook and my hips and lips quivered

Anticipation is he truly the one I’m too much of a lady

Even when I was young I didn’t want to seem shady

Colorful are we as each morning rise the sun

And I still lay there for twenty minutes wishing he were in my arms

So far away should I give a chance to the one?

Sweet dreams sticky sweet my honey dripping sun

Burning with his heart felt music gunned feet stuck I cannot run

Like a top down on a warm but windy day

This hot rod convertible will not get away

I shall keep dreaming sweetly till my lover finds his way

Into my arms for he fills me with his charm


The angels shall sing and follow us

Stars light up the sky and a falling star smiles as you finally come

I look in your eyes and I see I am the one close to you

No there was no juju or voodoo

It is me falling in love with you