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My Meditative Walk

My Walk with my Darling

As I stepped out the front door

And was greeted by a bouquet a melody

That hangs at my front door to make the day

My face caressed by the wind

As I begin the walk up I look above me

Eyes and the crow circles, and I smile

Wind chimes ringing in the tunnel of light

Assimilation love could hear the storm

Rustling in the trees and ushered in words

Free…breeze…peace…blowing in my ear

Catatonic my meditation pulls me close

Near to my lovers lips

Movement down the sidewalk

I hear the doves coo

As the branch swings low and taps

Me on the top of my head

The arms of the weeping willow swayed

Legs stood still for a moment of fire

Yet a gentle breeze did tickle me

Two squirrels running midst the tree

The blue jay wants to play fight

There is a screech and there went love

The squirrels sent Mr. Blue Jay on his way

Though back he came to transcend their world

They giggled and said,” He cannot reign on our parade” telepathically thinking

A cactus spilled three indigo flowers

Holy of number three

It seems to be the number of the hour

Close in the secret garden white porcelain


Two pink flamingo style in the garden

As a white butterfly came by

Kissed the belly button of the purple flower

A metal Deere digging in the middle of a lonesome road

I look up at the city light and a heart shaped pine stand on its trunk

Then I looked at someone a symbol of days gone by

A stranger on a bike one last glimpse

I guess good laugh to say is a good bye

As the wind continue to blow the sweet smell of magnolia

Up my nose purged distaste all at once

For the smell of crap ran up my nose

Sirus the Dog Star

I kept walking and beneath me ran raging waters

Meditative emptiness brought memories of my love

Distant far and yet so close I sighed!

Thor I heard loud in the middle of the clouds as I looked up

I heard the birds tweet I looked down at my feet

I looked in the sky and seen clouds point back at a devilish face

Then left in the middle of a fluffy cloud was a hole

A gate that needed a key

Then a metal bird flew by with wings

Yet still the birds sing

By the playground was a young boy on a brick bin

Listening to tunes bopping with a grin

To the right of the street two men cutting the arms

Of a tree and again a breeze of magnolia calling me

A parody in my head a Sirius dog barks

I move on slowly moving over life’s speed bumps

Sparrows flying playing flying low over the grass

Air whirling eyes swirling to take a picture when up

Comes a mocking bird as I was trying to keep

My eye on the sparrows, yet another poser the Mocking bird

Took a picture like the sparrows and the rabbit the day before

Vinland playground was the place the school mascot once would

Raise his name now in poetic

verse Edgar and what is worse

He is no longer

I looked at the sky once more

What stood from the floor the three of swords?

Raised above were one palm fingers floating

The sound like a windmill from an old western movie

When suddenly down on the ground a penny with 1980

In numerology again three

Then right in front of it were red Mardi gras beads

I jumped right over them for luck and spotted a baby

New birth new day new way what love what luck

It flashed to the four leaf clovers on page and on stage

Nothing less than a miracle life keeps telling me

Then I seen the caution sign saying never forget

Love goes both ways that put me in a daze

For I constantly crave my man

Pomegranate draped the brick wall

As nature called the Queen Palm swayed

Again bedazzled by the wind burst

A flock of grass birds rushed the Honey suckle

As I made the final corner there alone one squirrel

Posing as if he knew he was chosen for one more picture frame

As the heat begin to make me sweat

There was a place selling lemonade

I decided to stop and have a glass and thought

Leaving all bitter behind is what God was saying

Take the loving of the tart with sweetness of heart

That would not accept defeat