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Keepers of the Flame

I soar so high I look down

From the sky I fly and with my

Claws I catch lost souls

Puzzled wandering dry

And together we fly to a place

Where young doves get to cry

Wounds inflicted only internal

Flames know why these blue souls

Up in an indigo sky can only fly so low

It is for the courageous no side stepping here

If there is no initiation who serves without fear?

The sunshine is bright

But the face of God lighter

When you are one with the light

The tunnel of death is brighter

You will see your kin or angels on fire

If it is not your time they tell you

Go back it is not your time

Just a little longer free the souls

That is dying for many are called

Chosen is but few God’s face is so bright

Yet warm and loves delight

They do not only fly when the sky is blue

When they swoop low

Are they after you?

Those who think with craft yet do nothing new

The keeper of the flame represents the truth

I don’t want to go back it is not your time that is due

If it is a hot day they fly above the clouds

Higher than a plane that misses the earth hell bound

The fire lost choking out the ground

To fall upon the sword impelled

Not something that is said but the walk is loud

Proud is just a saying yet guilt is not allowed

The elect that came and found them

Called them out of the crowd

Said, do you know your name ?

Could you tell me how? The answers are within

St. Germain chief commander towers

The command is strong do you know your power?

Are you a walk-in or lost in masquerade

It is only for the strong the undertaking

The possible insane shall not light a candle

And then fan the flame

Kindling is the pleasure of the keeper of the flame

Consecrate me Lord Conviction of love and change

Remember when you say light or you a keeper or a game?

And a sacred duty that is the Keeper’s of the flame

Written in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost

By Pamela Moorehead