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Writers once known as scribes were regarded very important through out history. When I write the first question I ask myself is "Why am I choosing to write what I am writing and who shall be reading it? Is it important for the reasons I believe or will the perception of the next individual be as...
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I truly became a writer because I love the art of communication. It is something that left me awe struck as a child. I saw the power words had amongst people. Arguements and disagreements could be solved by those willing to compromise. Creativity blossomed from those who like to leave an imprint of...
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I have been an adept in the spiritual world. The best stories I can tell are real experiences, Like, when I seen my great-grandmothers spirit visit me upon her death, and I lost my voice. It put me on a quest to learn about the unseen. I have seen ghosts, demons, shadow people, entities that the...
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