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Feb.25.2013 - 4:38 am
Writers once known as scribes were regarded very important through out history. When I write the first question I ask myself is "Why am I choosing to write what I am writing and...
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Feb.16.2012 - 4:55 am
I truly became a writer because I love the art of communication. It is something that left me awe struck as a child. I saw the power words had amongst people. Arguements and...
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Oct.21.2011 - 5:23 pm
I have been an adept in the spiritual world. The best stories I can tell are real experiences, Like, when I seen my great-grandmothers spirit visit me upon her death, and I lost...
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Comments from Pamela

Aug.24.2013 - 2:48 am
In response to: Keep Your Eye On the PRIZE
If poetry is dead or was it seem to be ressurected. I have not only enjoyed reading the poetry of today's...
May.10.2013 - 1:56 am
In response to: WHAT'S IN A NAME?
I truly enjoy this blog, the manner and timing given to the story. The historical data researched and expressed linking...
Apr.22.2013 - 4:53 am
Paying attention when the bells and whistles of the world calls us we sometimes do not see what is right under our nose...
Apr.22.2013 - 4:43 am
In response to: This is Your Nation on White Privilege (Updated)
I do not only see Sarah Palin in this writing, as a person of roots that are diverse leaving on this planet the last 55...
Apr.15.2013 - 6:05 am
In response to: Unica-Unity One Love
Unica-Unity One Love         Christ is waiting Open your soul and alchemize the light within...