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The Greatest Leaders

My mom, Alexandra Hawley, was and is a professional concert flutist of the highest caliber. She performed at Carnegie and has a Masters in Music from Stanford. She performed a duo concert of she and Jean-Pierre Rampal, one of the greatest flutists of all time.  She continues to perform with Avedis at the Legion of Honor, a concert series she created.

And yet, Mom always puts family first.  I will always know my mom loved me and her family above everything else.  I will always remember how available she was and is to me. She was made to love her family. It’s her highest joy and calling, and she does it 100%, 100% of the time.   I have tears coming down my face right now because her life has been a devotion to me, my sister, my father, her mother, her grandchildren.  She simply lives love of others.

My Dad, Wally Hawley, taught me about value and the pursuit of excellence. He always told me he loved me and wanted me to do my best, my own personal level of Excellence.  And that if I was doing my best, then that was all he wanted.

And he taught me so much more about values: The value not only of a business product, but also values in general.  How you treat people, how you work with them, how you care for them during challenges.  To this day when I face a challenge he says, ” I don’t want you to stress about this. Let me walk with you. Let me be by your side.  Let me be your partner. We will solve this.”   His investment of intellect, love, care are endless and make me the social entrepreneur I am today.

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