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The BIG Trip (part four)

Oh and by the way, I did fine on the flights with the cigarette thing. I was more antsy about being bored and cold than wanting a cigarette.

On Thursday, I met Roger Abrantes (he was speaking here as well). Very nice, very charming, very smart, hard to understand him sometimes because of his accent <g>. We went out to dinner - the speakers and board members. Since Pauline also has a restricted diet, she was able to procure us a fantastic dinner from the owner of the restaurant whose daughter has the same food allergies/sensitivities that we have. The meal was amazing! I promised him that once I was done with the seminar, I would only come to his restaurant (which I did tonight - dinner was ambrosia! - albeit expensive)

The next morning - Friday, I was very nervous about my presentation. I spoke on Juvenile Delinquent Dogs and I am sure that most of the things I said were not new, perhaps there were were some tips that caught people's attention. I am used to doing seminars with dogs, not standing on a podium. I must have done okay though because everyone clapped. Maybe they were just being polite, but either way, I felt much more confident for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday - my big day to present THREE talks and I woke up with a sore throat, nausea and a few other things not fit to write here. I gave myself a good talking to ("the show must go on") and was able to work my way through it quite well. It got easier as the day went on and I was quite proud of myself! I did part 1 and 2 of Camp R.E.W.A.R.D. and realized that I left some video footage at home...damn....and then presented Setting Up Your Own Aggressive Dog Classes. That one was fun even though it was my first time talking on that topic.

I think I am finally getting tired, so will add more later!