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My first blog entry!

I am sure I will get better at this as time goes on. This is my first ever blog entry and I am not quite sure what to say, even though I am a dog trainer and as I am sure many of you know, dog trainers always have alot to say! Maybe that is my problem - I have tons of things to talk about and can't make up my mind what to start with. (and I have no idea why the date says Dec. 1969 - it should read May 12, 2008!)

My dogs, as well as my student's dogs teach me something new every single day. I learn about dogs from my own life's lessons and even from the few TV shows I watch - how I want to act, how I want to be, or not be, how to better communicate with people and with dogs.

I started on this dog journey many years ago with my dogs Carrie, Brandy, Noelle, Cody and Beau. I thought I was a great trainer. Then I got Shadow and realized that I was an okay trainer with some great dogs. After working with Shadow for the past 8 years, now I know I am a great trainer! <g>

Seriously, there is nothing that makes someone a great trainer more than getting an aggressive dog and working through the issues. There are so many subtlties to working with an aggressive dog that it takes years to develop. Training dogs is not just about teaching a sit, down, stay or come. It is about becoming intuitive, gentle, able to talk to and truly listen to what our dogs are telling us. In future blog "installments" I will be talking about some of the things dogs have taught me.

I tell Shadow every night how much he has taught me - certainly much more than I have taught him, even with all of his agility, competition obedience, rally obedience and canine water sports titles. I am still enjoying the journey, still have more to learn and I hope to pass along some new ways of thinking to all of you.

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Welcome to the exciting blog

Welcome to the exciting blog world on Red Room!

(by the way, the 1969 thing is a bug we are aware of and working on to fix)


Julie, Red Room