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I am still on Cloud 9 since my last blog entry (as an aside, does anyone know where the term "cloud 9" come from?). I was talking with Lesley, one of my students about the DVD shoot and she came up with THE most BRILLIANT idea that saw it's roots in one of the behaviors we trained. The "knock, knock means go to your crate" cue that we shaped caught her attention and started her creative juices flowing.

She has this fear of a fire starting in her house when she isn't home and decided to take that behavior and modify it. She is now training her dogs that the fire alarm means to "go outside through your doggy door."

 I cannot tell you all how thrilled I am with how creative my students are and how they can take one idea and make it their own! And what a super behavior that would be to teach! Even if you have a fire alarm, the smoke inhalation might kill your pets before the fire department got there.

So, kudos to Lesley for an incredibly wonderful idea!

Keep those ideas coming kiddies and I will post them!