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Identity Crisis

I have been fortunate enough to have a successful business as a certified cat behavior consultant and also as an established author of books on cat training. It’s not unusual for me to be stopped while at the supermarket or even in the church parking lot by someone wanting advice about their cats. After 25 years in the animal behavior profession, I am very blessed to be looked upon as a well-respected expert.

Well, that’s changed now with the release of my eighth book. I co-wrote a book about my experiences as a mother. And I didn’t just write touching stories about motherhood – no, not me – I had to go and write about my most embarrassing moments, the fact that I have OCD and what it’s like adopting children while  going through menopause (hot flashes and all).

After the release of the book Cookies for Dinner this past July, I still get stopped while out in public but now I never know whether I’m going to be asked about why cats pee outside of the litter box or what did it feel like for me to be locked out of the house while in my swimsuit? I even had someone come up to thank me for making her feel better about her own parenting skills now that she read about mine.

So I guess it’ll probably take me a bit to adjust while I’m going through this identity crisis. Right now, when I see people coming toward me to ask a question, if they have a frown they’re probably upset about a cat problem; if they have a huge smile then it’s because they’re excited about meeting the woman who makes them look like Mother of the Year.