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In 1981, our no-frills flight from Hong Kong on a Russian air craft flew us direct to Beijing. The only locals on our flight were Chinese soldiers with Northern faces, heavy dark brows, square jaws, and scowling visages.  When we landed, they whipped on their long fur-lined army coats which...
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Hawaiian Santa
Mahalo to Red Room for promoting their authors and offering us unique opportunities to reach thousands (possibly millions!) of readers.  Gina Misiroglu worked with me on 5 Ways to Honor Christmas for the Huffpost Hawaii.             ...
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Oahu Cemetary, one of the finest collections of 19th century graveyard art in Hawaii, a known ghost haunt
In Hawai`i, everything in nature—trees, rocks, wind, rain—evokes a chicken-skin ghost story.  It’s in the air, our blood, and retold on dark winter nights.  The hair on the back of your neck will rise and prickle when you visit these spots.    I grew up in Nu`uanu, the luxuriant valley that leads...
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Maui evokes exotic sunsets and romantic moonlit walks. But can a Maui vacation be relaxing when you’re accompanied by ‘tweens, who are in what my mother used to call, ‘the awkward age.’ Most definitely! Maui’s powdery beaches, easy snorkeling, and accessible sights equals plenty of fun for the...
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Planning a family vacation in Maui with teens couldn't be easier. You will find your vacation itinerary chock full of activities your teens will love, from watching a spectacular sunrise from the summit of a volcano to getting heart-pumping thrills through the rainforest or tumbling in the surf...
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We calculated a two hour layover allowed us enough time in Frankfurt to make our connection from Budapest to San Francisco. Last year on a similar layover here from San Francisco to Belgrade, the plane had left without us even though we arrived at the gate a half hour before departure. The last bus...
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When I was a little girl, I’d skip across Nuuanu Stream with my girlfriends in the afternoons and catch minnows and crayfish with bare hands in the cool mountain water.  In a time when little girls were expected to be wives and mothers, we’d lie in the sun on the biggest boulders and, while the hot...
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                I must have been three.  Short fat legs.  Chubby arms.  But I could pluck each juicy mushroom, the slippery big Shitake mushrooms slick with an oyster sauce gravy, with my chopstick and plop them in my mouth.  The true dexterity test of a connoisseur. As the platters of succulent...
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The sounds of the sea, the voice of the surf
We Keiki O Ka Aina, children of Hawaii, are taught that everything in nature, the air, water, earth, trees, rocks, plants, and all living things are alive.  Because of this, I feel my stories are gifts from nature.  When I am home in the San Francisco Bay area, the wind that whistles through the...
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