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Jan.10.2014 - 7:59 pm
In 1981, our no-frills flight from Hong Kong on a Russian air craft flew us direct to Beijing. The only locals on our flight were Chinese soldiers with Northern faces, heavy dark...
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Nov.12.2013 - 3:50 pm
Hawaiian Santa
Mahalo to Red Room for promoting their authors and offering us unique opportunities to reach thousands (possibly millions!) of readers.  Gina Misiroglu worked with me on 5...
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Jan.12.2011 - 4:53 pm
Oahu Cemetary, one of the finest collections of 19th century graveyard art in Hawaii, a known ghost haunt
In Hawai`i, everything in nature—trees, rocks, wind, rain—evokes a chicken-skin ghost story.  It’s in the air, our blood, and retold on dark winter nights.  The hair on the back...
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Nov.15.2010 - 4:36 pm
Maui evokes exotic sunsets and romantic moonlit walks. But can a Maui vacation be relaxing when you’re accompanied by ‘tweens, who are in what my mother used to call, ‘the awkward...
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Comments from Pam

Dec.28.2010 - 8:21 pm
In response to: Maui with Tweens: A Perfect Family Day
Thanks for your comments, Max.  Yes, many times I wish I had the locals' insider tips while on vacation.  But you had...
Aug.18.2010 - 3:38 pm
In response to: Writer’s market thyself!: An Exclusive Article for Red Room
When I turned my manuscript into my agent she said to be sure to include my platform. Platform! I've been frantic...
Aug.05.2010 - 5:11 pm
In response to: Writing Help from This World and Beyond
Mahalo Susan! I appreciate your kind and generous support. Thank you for reading my blogs. Fond Aloha, PAM
Jul.31.2010 - 9:36 am
In response to: Embrace, a poem
This is one of the most powerful images in this inspiring piece. It instantly brings to my heart all the souls I love...
Jul.30.2010 - 10:27 am
In response to: Pat Protests and Promises to Picket
Great one, Gina! We should all go out an buy the book! So!

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Published by Alameda Magazine
The Seagull’s Gardener, by Pam Chun(PAM CHUN, 2012, PP. 236, $14)     Hawaii-born and Alameda-based writer Pam Chun has penned her third book, a memoir about...