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Through the Eyes of a Horse Slideshow
Vee Bar Guest Ranch, Laramie, Wyoming

They say horses never forget a human friend.

A few days ago, I stood in the corral beside my son at our family ranch in Wyoming where I had lived for twenty years.  As we stroked our old roan gelding Tee (whom I'd seen only a few times in recent years), I thought of the rides and landscapes we had shared.  Did Tee too, have these memories?  Did the nicker with which he greeted us bubble up from that hidden place where his own equine memories resided?  I hope so.

What is it like to view the world through the eyes of a horse?  To understand a horse's relationship with the land?  What stories do horses hold inside them?  How can their sensual and perceptive natures help us to interpret and write our own stories? 

Grey eyes by Caskey VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW
photo by Gary C. Caskey

This will be the 4th year I've returned to the beautiful Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Wyoming to lead the Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat, which I co-facilitate with Sheri Griffith.  We created this 5-day retreat because we knew there must be other writers out there who also had deep-seated yearnings to re-live old memories, and passionate desires to create new ones.

The beautiful gray horse above is a member of the Vee Bar remuda. To watch a short slide show featuring some of the other Vee Bar horses, and fun times from past retreats, click on this link, or the link above.  Click HERE for details on how to sign up before the February 1st deadline. And don't worry if you've never ridden a mile, or written a word.  All you need to bring is a willingness to spread your Pegasus wings.

May 2011 be the year of the horse for you too!


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