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The Newsroom Mafia
Published by Mid Day
With the arrest of a journalist in the J Dey murder case, the media is under the scanner. The recent launch of a novel, The Newsroom Mafia, probing the nexus between the media...
Published by The New Indian Express
Oswald Pereira’s second novel, The Revenge of the Naked Princess takes the reader to unfamiliar and sinister stories of forced conversions in 16th Century India. While most of...
Published by The Speaking Tree, a Times of India Publication
t’s a heady cocktail of violence, rape, lust, betrayal, Christian conversion and history, writes ARUN GANAPATHY  There’s more too, but all the elements blend smoothly,...
Published by The Sunday Indian
The Sunday Indian ( See Page 57) Journalist Oswald Pereira’s debut novel "Beyond the Newsroom" had made waves in journalistic, police and government circles. The book was...
Published by The Times of India
TO use a journalists’ cliché, this book is a ’scoop’; the ‘real’ deal about the unholy nexus between the underworld, the government and the Fourth Estate. A fast-paced, no...
Published by Deccan Herald
In the eighties when a coterie of reporters in Bangalore were acting as the drum beaters of a chief minister, some of their ilk in Bombay were dancing to the tunes of an...
Published by DNA
TEN pages into Beyond The Newsroom and a huge cinematic screen takes over your mind. The pages fade and you see Ram Gopal Varma’s name bursting on to a screen. Varma only because...